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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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wonderful migration and generations of. women's determination to say. if you're in ankara turkey as president accuses the u.s. of building an army of terror inside syria.
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this is al jazeera live from london coming up. releases a video shows some of. it still holding. it's absolutely diabolical what's going on britain's biggest corporate collapse in a decade why did the government keep giving karelian contracts despite multiple profit warnings. and dramatic images emerge of the moment a floor collapses at indonesia's stock exchange more than seventy people injured. u.s. planned for a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria is being rejected by turkey russia and syria itself president says washington is trying to create a terror army and he's pledged to quote drown it before it comes into being the.
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u.s. says the force will secure areas along syria's border to the north with turkey and to the east with iraq it was mostly made up of fighters from the syrian democratic forces about their stiff is led by kurdish fighters that turkey views as allies to the p.k. k. about and kurdish groups active inside turkey syria says the plan is an attack on its sovereignty and russia is describing it as a plot to partition the country from moscow reports. but russia's foreign minister had a stark rebuke for the us on monday speaking as a media conference in moscow a lover of said the creation of his own controlled by u.s. backed rebels risks syria's territorial integrity turkey's president also opposes the plan he's attacking reports of the u.s. backed kurdish border force russia type says turkey will launch its military operation against the kurds in the northern syrian city of a free shot at then this is circling now the united states has confessed that they
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are forming a terror army along our border what we have to do is to strangle this terror army on our borders before it is born. turkey has fought kurdish factions inside its borders for decades and doesn't want to see them gaining more power in neighboring syria bots in northern syria the americans have long been supporting some kurdish forces the kurds are the most effective fighting force against the assad government and against the islamic state in syria and they've been very successful at that that's the american purpose but the turks regard the kurds and the why b.g. as a dire threat they label them terrorists although u.s. president donald trump promised he would stop supporting kurdish fighters the pentagon never made that's official the reported thirty thousand strong u.s. backed border force would primarily come from kurdish led syrian democratic forces and would deploy along the syrian borders with turkey and iraq and along the
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euphrates river valley the dividing line with syrian government forces one of the syrian war's detectable trends last year was the emerging axis of cooperation between russia and turkey often joining together to criticize steps taken by the united states while if today's developments around the thing to go by that the trend looks set to continue into two thousand and eighteen where we challenge down to zero moscow when it's costing can we have good news in washington d.c. first secondly the reaction has been quite simply i watch the thinking behind the us me. i reached out to the department of defense to try to get some clarification on the border security force and the u.s. being very matter of fact about it saying that it really is very simple it comes down to trying to preserve gains in the best way that the coalition sees in order
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to achieve that so you have to remember that the kurdish fighters have been instrumental in trying to help secure some of these areas that had previously been controlled by eisel and so this is a sort of a in the eyes of the defense department is really a natural transition because of these thirty thousand that will be making up the recruits to go into the border security force a good fifteen thousand of them kurdish as well as arab fighters have already been working a trying to achieve these gains so these are be the same fighters that now would be working to preserve them so that's the first point the second point is really that the united states understands according to the defense department very clearly the sensitivities they understand the relationship with turkey not wanting to inflame the sensitivities of key u.s. ally so there is that recognition and there is also this perspective that look at this is not about giving preference to any one group the area that the border security force will be for trolling is not in any way going to be any sort of
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defacto border for any sort of new autonomy state what this is about preserving the fragile gains that have been made the kurdish fighters in the eyes of the united states are the only sizable group able to try and achieve that essentially in the eyes of the united states the future of syria and serious peace really rests on this so that is the calculation behind the thinking but of course again we've seen the reaction being interpreted somewhat differently can be how could thank you very much indeed. bickel haram has released a video said to show some of the girls kidnapped from a nigerian tallish nearly four years ago the footage was obtained by a us based journalism website one girl says of our safe and live in comfort and don't want to be rescued twenty three hundred girls were abducted from their school in april twenty fourth team some escaped and others have been released around one
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hundred still believed to be held by the enclave. doesn't address them we are the chibok girls you have been crying that we should be released but by the grace of allah we will not return home. when interests as more full of asia some of the goes have been identified by their relations and completeness pushing the nigerian government to secure their release at least one of the ghose the one speaking in the video has been identified to have appeared in a similar video released by book or on previously now the release of this particular video by before and according to some analysts is to give boko haram that advantage in terms of negotiations the release is coming at a time when the nigerian military has stepped up its operations on the lecture at area this at least four is the allegation of force and other areas in the north east of nigeria now some also believe that these particular video is to show that boko haram is still
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a potent force and its struggles in the east are stunned nigeria the nigerian military and government in the past few months have announced that they have continued their operations with remarkable success against boko haram rescued more than a thousand people and of course damaging the command and control structures of boko haram book or on its part has released videos showing that it has kept and destroyed military equipment from the nigerian forces as well as forces from neighboring countries operating in that region. there's been a shootout between venezuelan special forces and a former police pilot has been a run for more than six months after he stole a police helicopter and attacked government buildings or scupper as posted videos of himself on social media showing his injuries from the clashes he said he was negotiating his surrender but told his children he loves them and hopes he sees them again in june last year peres used a stolen helicopter to not grenades and shoot at government buildings in caracas
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police in greece of fired tear gas at protesters outside parliament in athens as politicians version through a new series of austerity measures needed to trigger a final round of bailout loans the bill so includes controversial legislation making it was difficult for workers to strike which is angered the unions greece hopes to end its war on its own international bailouts by august tens of thousands of jobs are at risk following the collapse of the u.k. construction and services giant karelian the company's been forced into liquidation after banks refused to bail out its three billion dollars of debt british government says it will ensure there's no disruption to public services but there are calls for a public inquiry paul brennan reports from london. the sheer scale of karelians business activities reaches into almost every aspect of british life really in and its contractors are involved in managing hundreds of schools hospitals and prisons for maintaining thousands of military homes clearly it's also
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a major infrastructure company involved in constructing the multi-billion dollar high speed to rail link as well as multimillion dollar hospital and transportation projects. it's collapse essential to the cardoza government and cast grave uncertainty over the livelihoods of tens of thousands of workers including here at the royal liverpool hospital the skating staff the painting staff it's absolutely diabolical what's going on they took off their future is going to hell and it's not just any sack a millionaire all over you know so it's going to happen to a lot of people all over the country after three profit warnings in the past six months the signs were there when last ditch talks broke down on sunday karelians chairman philip green confirmed to the company's lenders had pulled the plug. the british government could be promised the public services will not be interrupted and korean workers were told to turn up for work as usual but reports quickly emerged of staff being sent home and the mood in parliament is grim we have been monitoring karelian closely since its first profit warning in july twenty seventh
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team and since there have planned extensively in case of the current situation and have her own boss and deliverable contingency plans in place these are all being implemented immediately to minimize any disruption and to protect the integrity of public service delivery the news was met with furious reaction from opposition politicians lord adonis former head of the government's infrastructure commission compared it to the notorious enron scandal one of america's biggest corporate bankruptcy trades unions are demanding agent protection for karelian workers and the calling for a formal public inquiry into why karelian was still being awarded contracts to spike clear evidence the company was in deep trouble it's perverse that despite the profit warnings. incidentally in the middle of those profit woman's bonuses we still post to senior executives that the government still awarded those contracts
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this is taxpayers' money and the must be a public inquiry just a few months ago karelian was probably the biggest company that you've never heard of but not now with its business activities affecting so many people's day to day lives and it's finished projects so enormously costly plugging the gap left by its collapse is going to be a complex process paul brennan al-jazeera that it could be the end of the road to the world's largest airplane with ad boss warning it may be forced to abandon production of the a three eighty super jumbo unless it gets more orders sales director says it needs another long term deal with the plane's main customer emirates airlines in order to keep production financially viable the double decker a three eighty aircraft was launched a decade ago but a struggle to generate demand with just two hundred twenty built so far in ten years still to come on the program. a double suicide bombing kills thirty eight
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people in baghdad is just the latest in a series of attacks over the last forty eight hours. and south korea makes public transport free during peak travel times to tackle appellation in seoul. welcome to international weather forecasts we have really cold air pushing down across a good part of europe over the next few days see quite a bit snow up across the baltic states eastern and down through poland and further towards the south more snow on the outs again cold air across eastern areas and there's a move the forecast on twenty four hours many areas seen snow some snow showers at the very least some heavy rain across parts of the balkans and chilly conditions across the u.k. into france we start beer in peninsula not looking too bad highs there of twelve degrees on the other side of the mediterranean sea as well looking most of the
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choir here we have color circulation there across mauritania could give some lift it does otherwise fine conditions and it should be pleasant in cairo in egypt with highs of twenty degrees celsius heading into central parts of africa most of the rain is across more eastern areas but across central areas it's looking to be draw and fine plenty of sunshine in akron ghana with temperatures expected to reach at thirty one degrees celsius now down into southern parts of africa we have our tropical cyclone which is heading towards the islands of mischa's am re-union and this is broke ito read nasty features some heavy agency across parts of east africa fine for cape town though heis here twenty six. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century. influence the course of history. that. the big
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historical figure but he was the biggest. the prisoner and the prisoner who came to go to. different this time. and one of the top stories here. and russia expressed that period to us plan to form a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria. a video has been released which is such a show some of the missing nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram in twenty
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fourteen. saying they're never coming back. and tens of thousands of jobs are at risk following the collapse of the u.k. construction and services giant karelian. you know arab emirates has accused country air force jets of twice intercepting civilian aircraft during flights to bahrain as foreign minister has denied the allegation and u.s. central command in the middle east says it hasn't received any reports of civilian flights being intercepted in the gulf skies it comes three days off to doha complained to the un security council about two alleged violations of space. in recent weeks. yes president donald trump has in a phone call with the country emir thanked the nation for its work in countering terrorism and extremism president trump also reiterated his support for a strong united gulf cooperation council that's focused on countering regional threats israeli soldiers who shot dead
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a palestinian man during clashes in the occupied west bank the twenty four year old was killed near the city of kut here in person in protest as threw rocks at troops who responded with live fire tensions in the region have risen since president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital last december an israeli military court has extended the detention of a palestinian teen filmed last month slapping israeli soldiers the video of sixteen year old a head to me went viral sparking outrage in israel and leading her to be hailed as a hero in palestine or of course it has more from west jerusalem. well the judge the military court it off a military prison just inside the occupied west bank has ruled that i had to many will spend at least an extra two days in israeli custody she's been in custody for a month so far since her arrest on december the fifteenth on wednesday she will discover whether she will be released on bail or kept in custody on remand for the
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duration of her trial she is accused among other things of aggravated assault of preventing israeli soldiers from carrying out their duties of incitement of stone throwing and she faces trial she faces a potential jail sentence of up to ten years. argues that she should be released on bail and she is no threat she is no flight risk she is certainly very well known since the emergence of this video in which she was filmed it was a facebook live video actually during which she confronted with her cousin two israeli soldiers on the grounds of the family property in the village of not be a sally in the occupied west bank kicking out at them slapping them and trying to get them off their property the lawyer also says that the the very existence of the video is the only reason that she was then taken into custody four days later that she wasn't arrested on sight for any major infraction but because of the israeli reaction the public reaction to what was seen across israel as
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a humiliation of the soldiers in the occupied west bank that is why israeli military judicial system has carried out these measures against and is putting her on trial. two suicide bombers have killed thirty eight people in iraq's capital baghdad well one hundred others were wounded in the attacks that happened during the morning rush hour is for a fourth attack in the capital in forty eight hours but some have been generated to force the. bodies were scattered all over the streets in central baghdad two suicide bombers detonated their explosives during morning rush hour in tehran square dozens were killed and wounded. chocolate bars sold in the busy marketplace were scattered in the debris and blood. it's become a deadly routine as people of the iraqi capital quickly try to resume their lives. around square is a busy intersection in eastern baghdad between say the city and bridge the areas
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full of laborers on their way to work in the morning. i was here when the blast took place i heard two blasts many people got killed mainly workers the dead and wounded were taken to three nearby hospitals including she. said. we have nine people two of them in the operation theatre and the other seven in the general surgery and fractures departments they'll leave after treatment and we're going to work when the bombs exploded despite his wounds he ran for medical help he's like many iraqis who don't have faith in their leaders to provide safety. we don't need anyone from this government we need the government to stop the political elite have to stop their disputes for their personal interests of ministerial posts as the people of iraq will be the only victim. what can i say to the government nothing and just nothing we have urged the government more than once to take care of us we are poor and so many poor today have lost their lives there was another attack in northeastern baghdad three people were killed including
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a member of the iraqi ministry of defense. attacks have risen in the last forty eight hours eight people were killed in a suicide bombing on sunday in the area north of baghdad it shows that the minister of interior does not have a real intelligence network that it's supposed to be the data that will be on the table of the possible persons who are supposed to be working hard to make back that secure last month iraqi prime minister head there led by the declared victory against isis saying the war against the group was over but the victory is yet to be translated into an end to attacks the u.n. says last month alone at least sixty nine civilians were killed in violence and armed conflict highlighting the fragility of iraq's peace as well detention feeds after the declared defeat device of some of the job others there. but here's a measure of the moment and mezzanine floor overlooking indonesia's stock exchange collapsed seventy seven people were injured in the accident many of them students
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who were on a tour of the site stedfast reports from jakarta and. the collapse happened just before lunch break a group of students from south america on a study to work were on the mezzanine level bridge which connects different parts of the building. most of the injured were students luckily the ground level below it was nearly empty as bodies and debris rained down. the out of the roof of the first floor collapsed onto the ground floor there must be a few people who were injured like the receptionist and people who hung out in the starbucks was really saying no one suffered severe injuries i the injured suffered a breach and minor injuries on their feet and hands and they have been taken to the hospital hundreds of employees in the thirty one story tower were immediately evacuated the sudden collapse of the bridge here at the financial heart in chicago has caused widespread panic the building houses offices of dozens of international
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companies and police escort and off the building management is under a lot of pressure to explain the cost of the collapse police confirmed it was not an attack as some had feared a car bomb explosion in two thousand killed fifteen people following this incident that the stock exchange financial trading was postponed for a while but continued in the afternoon step fasten al-jazeera check after event today in place across the united states to mark the birthday of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. in washington d.c. a wreath was laid at his monument a statue called the stone of hope king fought for racial equality in the u.s. until he was assassinated in one thousand sixty eight is iconic i have a dream speech and advocacy for nonviolent protest was central to advancing the civil rights movement a song addressed an event in washington he criticized donald trump's attitude to immigrants and said it's damaging america's spirit the dream has become
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a nightmare for too many american citizens the last and the right and they've had enough they've had enough of the viciousness and diversionary are seen from the statehouse to the white house and a president in assists that our nation these more citizens from white states like norway i don't even think we need to spend any time even talking about what it says and what it is now the problem is that you have a president who say as things but has the power to execute and create reeses them that's a dangerous power and a dangerous position and we cannot tolerate that. more than twelve thousand people in the philippines have fled to evacuation centers after a volcano in the on of luzon began erupting lava has been pouring from mt my own since saturday with ortiz increased its alert level on sunday and
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a warning that explosive eruption could happen within the next few days airlines have also been warned not to fly near the volcano north korea has agreed to send an orchestra and art troupe to perform at south korea's winter olympics so says the group will cross the border by food as they says development after delegations from both sides met again to discuss the north's involvement in picks the talks were held at the panmunjom truce village inside the demilitarized zone separating the two countries last week they held their first direct talks in two years kong is yet to announce where the athletes will attend the games. in china a new book about the thoughts of president xi jinping has raised questions about the extent of communist party propaganda on the books russian chinese leadership don't want to be read or either banned or no longer being published right has more from beijing. to meet demand the presses have been rolling nonstop since the
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communist party congress in october which adopted cheatin ping thought as a guiding philosophy not surprisingly bookstores give the work special prominence when we arrived at this bookstore the promotional section was empty but suddenly and suspiciously it filled with customers at least song a communist party member told her she was buying five copies for a study group back at her office i haven't read the book yet but i started right after i got back we have all read the ninety's party congress reports there were times alongside the new she work is the report of the party congress that in shrine the concept of she thought into the constitution copies of the constitution are handily available to. put the books the party congress together on the shelves because they are in great demand from the citizens they happen urgent need to treat
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them equally urgent it seemed was the need of citizens to leave as soon as we left so did they. when our producer return ten minutes later a special section was deserted to go. the future study of xi jinping thought by students and party members looks certain to make cheese books volumes one and two bestsellers for years to come contrast that with the fate of other political books about china's leaders that won't be included on any college reading list. bookstands in the southern city of hong kong far more sensational titles claim to give a behind the scenes look at the intrigue in the chinese leadership band on the mainland they sell well to chinese visitors but we found this door closed supposedly for renovation another was closed permanently two years ago when the publishers associated with it were detained in mainland china lam winkie claims he was
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abducted and subjected to mental torture before finally being released. after the incident our book store everyone in the publishing chain is terrified there are less political books and some publishers have stopped says it if titles altogether even in hong kong with its freedom of speech when it comes to she said reputation china seems determined there will be only one official version of bright al-jazeera beijing a south korean government has made public transport free during peak hours on monday because of a pollution crisis the fee waiver is an emergency measure to tackle the poor quality the concentration of fine particles in the air in so dangerous levels on sunday i think novak has been talking to commuters and some people may welcome a free ride but in terms of public reaction to this move by the sole city
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government there's quite a bit of cynicism about whether it will really work first of all souls public transportation is already quite affordable it costs an average of about a dollar per ride and also people are blaming their pollution problems mostly on. the main cause of the fine dust issue comes from china so we don't think that's effective you should be fixing china first but. if public transportation is free when we have high levels of fine dust for people who drive and it will help lessen the pollution. coming from china but if we can do something about it like having fewer cars it will help sinai is taking steps to curb pollution and actually the air quality here in south korea this winter has been a little bit better than it had been in previous years last year a joint study between a korean research institute and the u.s. space agency nasa found that between may and june actually only about a third of air pollution in south korea came from china that may have been
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a little bit different if readings had been taken around this time of year still this move by seoul city government is an example of authority as in south korea trying to take control of pollution that is created domestically most of that comes from vehicles so they really want to take more cars off the road. security has been ramped up in chile ahead of the arrival of pope francis at least five churches have been vandalized in recent days and precious are expected to be held against the cover up of alleged sexual abuse in the catholic church and to move any time on a web site the address for that is. dot com. the money now the top stories on our syria turkey syria and russia have attacked a u.s. plan to form a thirty thousand strong border security force in northern syria you know the
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states announced its support on sunday for the force which it hopes will help to defend territory held by u.s. backed kurdish led fighters in northern syria to he's president to accuse washington of trying to create a terra army. shut it. now the united states has confessed that they are forming a terror army along our border what we have to do is to strangle this terror army on our borders before it is born a video has been released which is said to show some of the girls kidnapped from the nigerian town of shit broke nearly four years ago in the video one of the girls says they're from she book and a never coming back nearly three hundred girls were abducted from their school by the on group boko haram in april twenty fourth teen about sixty escapes you know afterwards and around one hundred as to would have to be in captivity tens of thousands of jobs are at risk following the collapse of the u.k. construction and services giant karelian the company has been forced into liquidation after banks refused to bail out its three billion dollars of debt the
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british government says it will ensure there's no disruption to public services there are calls for a public inquiry police in greece have fired tear gas at protesters outside parliament in athens as politicians inside debate in a new series of austerity measures needed to trigger a final round of bailout loans the bill also includes controversial legislation making it more difficult for workers to strike thirty eight people have been killed after two suicide bombs were detonated during rush hour in the iraqi capital baghdad when one hundred others were wounded in the attack which happened in a busy commercial district where labor is it gathered in search of work is the fourth attack on the capital in the past forty eight hours. the united arab emirates is accused cattery air force jets of twice intercepting civilian immorality aircraft during flights to bahrain cut as foreign ministry has denied the allegation and u.s.
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central command in the middle east says it hasn't received any reports of civilian flights being intercepted in the gulf skies. there are some of us here are there are the streams up next on the news for you after that by finance. i have had me ok and you're in the strange us present all trance tough talk on immigration policy has tens of thousands of people wondering whether they'll be forced to leave the country from the potential end.


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